About Me

Welcome to the Wilde Blends Family!

I am Steph the sole creator and owner of Wilde Blends.

Some of you call me their "Oil Lady" I am okay with that too! 
I have a huge passion for helping Families with natural alternatives and base my health approach of a "Whole Body" wellness including the Mind, Body & Soul. I find I don't personally function well if one of these is out of flow. This approach for wellness revolves around Essential Oils and how I can support my Family and Myself through Life.

I am also a Wife and Mother to my two Daughters who have always been my biggest inspiration into pushing my drive in the wellness industry. I am always striving to do better for them as well as myself. I have a background in Beauty Therapy with 11 years experience with all skin concerns and working through solutions and tailored skincare and currently study to become a Aromatherapist to accompany my Skincare Aromatherapy.

My goal is to educate and provide alternative solutions to help other Families with a greater whole body wellness.

Steph xx

My Story


My Motherhood Journey has been a wild ride we went through a big journey to becoming Parents involving IVF but here with are in total awe of what we have created the journey has been nothing short of amazing. We definitely had our fair share of Parenthood struggles our first Daughter was diagnosed with Bronchitis which delved me deep into Essential Oils. When you are told you cannot help your Child through a Virus with any medication I.e antibiotics I really struggled to swallow and digest that thought. 

I begin with a Diffuser and a Breathing Blend to help my Daughter through the tough nights of non stop coughing the first night she slept 8 hours and the cough didn't wake her once. I thought it was a big fluke so we tried the next night and well fast forward Three Years now and lets just say Essential Oils have been our go to for a very long time now.

We have been using Essential Oils to support us through Colic, Croup, Eczema flare ups, Dry and Flakey Skin, Colds, Runny Noses, Toddler Tantrums, First days of Daycare, Ditching the Dummy, Emotional times and Stressful times. You name it we have tried and trialled it!

Our Journey is still going and we discover more and more ways to support our whole body wellness everyday and I couldn't be prouder to have my Blends now supporting so many other Families out there too!

Come & Join us and let me support you too!